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Wish I never met you


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I try to erase you from my memories

Thinking that it would have been better if we

Never met

That I could live a life in joy

At least without the pain

It's so hard to move on

When you live in the past

When everything that was good in my life

Belongs to yesterday

I can't face today

Knowing that you won't face the day with me

I try to let go

But my heart seems to be attached to you

Even though your not here anymore

Why is it that I still can feel you

Why is it that I still wait for you to come home

Why is it that I still can hear your voice

Whispering in my ear

I try not to cry

To pull myself together and move on

But i can't

The presence of you still touches me

I see your shadow and feel your warmth

I know that you are there

I need you to let me go

I wake up only to see myself standing by your grave

Once again wishing that I never met you

Once again wishing that I could turn back time

One last touch

One last kiss goodbye

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