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Darkness surrounds me

I weep

I weep for you

And for my broken heart

For the light that never will shine upon me ever again

As I close my eyes I can almost feel you

I can feel my face smiling

Of the thought of you beeing there with me

It' so intense that I just for a moment could swear

That I felt your arms around me

Felt the warmth of your breath in my neck

Your skin against mine

But only for a stolen moment

Then you are gone once again

Your eyes

Your smile

Your love

It's burned into my mind

My heart

I cannot go on

I cannot let you go

I walk to your grave

Whispers of goodbye blows in the wind

But not mine

I will never say goodbye

Hard rain on the graves in memories of all the tears

That has fallen

And I cry

Oh I cry every day

Every night

I fall to the earth and I grab on to your gravestone

I let my fingers slide over the inscription

How did you become a stone with letters on

The earth is soaked of the rain and my tears

I want the earth to let me sink down to you

So that I can hold you in my arms like I once did

Like it was supposed to be

Me and you


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