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Camino de Santiago

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Is it difficult to walk Camino Frances?

Uptown Abbey

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The most popular question in many Camino communities is - Is it difficult to walk? 

There are many answers to this. For some it is. The trail is around 800 kilometers, but nobody says, that you need to walk the whole trail.... It is all up to you. For me, it was very easy, and it was the best time of my life. It was where I became Uptown Abbey instead of downtown 😄

I will use this blog to answer a lot of questions like what shoes to wear, what to eat and in general... What to expect. 

I walked in barefoot shoes. Maybe you heard about five fingers. They are not for everybody and all the loose stones also make them a bad choice for some distances, but I love them. It is good to have a trekking edition though..... 

I think all the albergues I crashed on was amazing. There are a lot of different opinions on these subjects, but I can only say... relax and have a good time. People are in general so nice on the trail, probably the nicest people I have met in my whole life, but I have to say again: Everybody has a different experience. Just remember to keep an open mind. Sometimes my best walking-buddy used CBD to stay relaxed, but I did not have any needs for that. I loved the trip and Camino Frances is the best month of my life.

There are places to eat and sleep the whole way, so your only concerns are coming down to blisters and mentality. Another issue atm is that the trail is getting so popular, that the trail is overpopulated. Is was not my experience in 2016, but I always walk out of season. 

I am going to walk the trail again in the spring 2019 and I would like to share my stories...


/Stay tuned for more updates.... Uptown Abbey out


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